Moving to a new place can be very exciting. A new location, experiences, memories, and decorating. However, something might still seem unsettling at first. Are you missing the “home” feeling? Making your apartment feel like your home is simple.

The First Step to Making Your Apartment Feel Like Home: Decluttering

Yes, your apartment will have boxes and bubble wrap lying around for a while. Donate the unnecessary items and tuck away the ones not being used.

Being in the middle of “too much” and “not enough” can be the key to making a space your own.

It’s much better to put away the unnecessary and display the things that are most important to you to show off your personality.

Display Your Sentimental Items

These are the little knick-knacks and photos that will make your apartment feel like home. A few examples of this could include:

  • photos of your loved ones,
  • a blanket that maybe your grandmother made you,
  • a piece of furniture that has been passed down to you.

It’s the little things in life that hold so much meaning, why not show them off? Before you know it, your apartment will feel like home.

Apartment Living: Break in Your Kitchen

Sometimes unpacking can be exhausting and fast food is the easy route to go. Start with your kitchen first and cook a delicious dinner to celebrate your new home. The feeling of preparing a cooked meal will sure to make you feel at home.

Improve Privacy in Your Apartment

As a renter, you can only do so much to soundproof your space. However there are ways to soundproof your walls even further without construction. One great way to do this is to fill your space with furniture and a few rugs! These will prevent the sound from bouncing from wall to wall. 

Hanging your curtains can really make a huge difference. Not only do they help tie in all your room décor but, they can give you dim lighting or go for the complete blackout feel. This is sure to make your home feel super cozy, private and not to mention “complete”.

Organizing Your Apartment

Organizing your apartment is easy with simple planning. The first step is to minimize the clutter in your entryway. We know, this is the easiest place to drop “things” when you come home, but this is also the easiest source of congestion.

Boxes galore is the current situation I’m sure. Start with one room at a time and as you’re unpacking, go ahead and put them in the place you would like them. If something doesn’t seem right after all the boxes have been empty, try to rearrange to get that perfect look for your home. Home organization can bring a stress-free lifestyle to your home.

A few tricks we’ve learned along the way include:

  • Make the most of your vertical space. You can maximize storage and display your collectibles simply by expanding up.
  • Find furniture that doubles as storage, such as storage automatons, bar carts, etc. 
  • Don’t forget the space behind your door. Adding a rack or hooks for bathroom necessities is one easy way to declutter your apartment. 

Settling In to Your New Apartment

After you have finished unpacking, the bubble wrap and boxes have disappeared, and your apartment now feels like a little oasis of your own, just sit back, relax, look around and enjoy your new place. You have created something that fits your personality and reflects who you are. Everything is coming together, and you have a place you can call HOME.

Enjoy Your New Luxury Apartment at La Maison of Saraland

The little things in life can be the best part of your day. Rather it may be having a stranger buy your coffee or you are paying for someone else’s, to someone just being polite and opening a door for you. Or it just may be it’s getting to come home to your apartment and loving where you live, getting to enjoy the incredible view your apartment has of the sunset or maybe it’s the spectacular size of your kitchen for those moments you become a gourmet chef. It’s the little things in your home that can create enjoyable moments.

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