Living in a smart apartment is more than just turning lights on and off remotely, though that can be a key component. It is about automating behavior and creating a cohesive and seamless living experience.

Smart apartments were the obvious next step in making your new apartment home as luxurious as possible. It’s about saving you money and time without sacrificing quality.

What are Smart Apartments?

Truly smart apartments are defined by three characteristics: smart devices & amenities, connectivity, and apartment community management.


La Maison of Saraland’s include: Alexa Connect kitchen lights, smart high-speed USB charging ports/outlets in the living room, master bedroom, and secondary rooms, a smart thermostat, automatic front door locks, upgraded rainfall showerhead, and a touchless kitchen faucet.


Connectivity includes WiFi and smart devices: sensors, HVAC, lighting, access control and a system management dashboard. This set up allows us to make better operating decisions to run our buildings more efficiently and effectively.

Community Management

With a connected building network, we can spend less time on manual tasks and more time improving resident experiences and the La Maison community.

What’s in it for you?

Smart home technology is no longer a thing of the future. Imagine being in control of not only your apartment but your comfort from the palm of your hand.

More Efficient Buildings

Smart appliances are more energy efficient and together they create even more efficiency through the entire building. People also become more aware and, hence, more efficient and effective. With all of these perks, our staff can spend less time on maintenance and more time on resident assistance


Our new units give you the power to use voice commands to not only control your smart apartment but to get information that will help your everyday life!  Get weather updates, traffic alerts, news briefings, package tracking, music streaming and so much more. These units help deliver a more luxurious living experience without breaking the bank!


La Maison of Saraland is the only community in the area utilizing smart home/apartment technology. Be one of the first to enjoy new technology and innovation working for you.

Saraland Smart Apartments

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